James Langeland

Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences,
Professor of Biology

PhD University of Wisconsin
BA Kalamazoo College

Tel: 269.337.7010; Office: Dow 310
Email: Jim.Langeland@kzoo.edu

Dr. Jim Langeland

  • 2009-present   Professor of Biology, Kalamazoo College, MI
  • 2003-2009   Associate Professor of Biology, Kalamazoo College, MI
  • 1997-2003   Assistant Professor of Biology, Kalamazoo College, MI

Research Interests

My research lies at the interface of molecular genetics, developmental biology, and evolution. In broad terms, I am interested in genetic and developmental events that underlie the evolution of animal form. I use organisms that occupy key phylogenetic positions in the chordate lineage: amphioxus, a cephalochordate that is the closest living relative to vertebrates; lampreys, the simplest living vertebrates; and sharks, the simplest vertebrates that have jaws and limbs. By cloning and characterizing developmentally important genes from these organisms, my lab is able to correlate gene duplications and the acquisition of novel gene expression domains with morphological innovations that occurred during early vertebrate evolution.


BIOL 112 Evolution and Genetics
BIOL 420 Advanced Molecular Genetics
BIOL486 Animal Development & Evolution
SEMN166 The Inward Journey

Grants and Awards

WM Keck Foundation. $380,000 for the integration of teaching and research.
National Science Foundation Grant #0110540; $320,000; 7/01-6/05
National Institutes of Health Grant # 1R15GM57803-01; $100,000; 7/98-6/01

Selected Publications

(* denotes undergraduate coauthor)

Campo-Paysaa, F., Jandzik, D., Takio-Ogawa, Y., Cattell, M.V., *Neef, H.C., Langeland, J.A., Kuratani, S., Medeiros, D.M., Mazan, S., Kuraku, S., Laudet, V., and Schubert, M. (2015).  Evolution of retinoic acid receptors in chordates: insights from three lamprey species, Lampetra fluviatilis, Petromyzon marinus and Lethenteron japonicumEvoDevo 6:18.

Moore, D.B., *Gillentine, M.A., *Botezatu, N.M., *Wilson, K.A., *Benson A.E. and Langeland J.A. 2014. Asynchronous evolutionary origins of Aβ and BACE1.  Molecular Biology and Evolution. 31(3): 696-702.  doi:10.1093/molbev/mst262

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