Faculty and Staff


Ann Fraser
PhD – Professor

Focus: Biodiversity and behavior; plant-insect interactions; native bees

Phone: 269.337.7063
Office: Dow 314

Dr. Binney Girdler

E. Binney Girdler
PhD – Professor
Director of Environmental Studies Program

Focus: Plant ecology and conservation biology

Phone: 269.337.5977
Office: Dow 307

Dr. Jim Langeland

James Langeland
PhD – Professor
Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences

Focus: Evolution and genetics

Phone: 269.337.7010
Office: Dow 310

Dr. Blaine Moore

D. Blaine Moore
PhD – Professor

Focus: Cell and molecular biology; neurobiology

Phone: 269.337.7301
Office: Dow 303

Dr. Santiago Salinas

Santiago Salinas
PhD – Associate Professor

Focus: Evolutionary ecology and physiology; vertebrate biology

Phone: 269.337.7386
Office: Dow 327

Dr. Amanda Wollenberg

Amanda Wollenberg
PhD – Associate Professor

Focus: Cell and molecular biology; immunology, symbiosis

Phone: 269.337.7161
Office: Dow 311

Michael Wollenberg
PhD – Associate Professor
Chair of Department

Focus: Evolutionary biology, microbiology, symbiosis

Phone: 269.337.7160
Office: Dow 313

professor luke kinsey

Luke Kinsey
PhD – Visiting Assistant Professor (2023-24)

Focus: Molecular signals involved in tissue formation and organization, role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in new tissue growth and regulation, how ROS and aging impact immune system function

Phone: 269.337.7393
Office: Dow 103


Betsy Paulson
Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7007
Email: Elizabeth.Paulson@kzoo.edu
Office: Dow 200

Anne Engh
PhD – Director of Biological Laboratories

Phone: 269.337.7008
Email: aengh@kzoo.edu
Office: Dow 325

Emeritus Faculty 

(years on faculty at Kalamazoo College)

Dr. William Praeger

Dr. William Praeger

Dr. Frances Diebold

Dr. Frances Diebold

Dr. H Lewis Batts

Dr. H. Lewis Batts

Dr. Paul Olexia

Dr. Paul Olexia

Dr. David Evans

Dr. David Evans

Dr. Paul Sotherland

Dr. Paul Sotherland